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About Us

Our Vision and Evolution

After years of witnessing various freediving styles, dangerous methods, and premature pushing, Freedive Irabu Mexico emerged with a mission to renew an approach to freediving. With over 9 years of experience, we've honed our skills through training, competition, and collaborations with elite athletes, renowned instructors, and freediving centers globally – spanning Egypt, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, and beyond. Our Center was located in Irabujima, Okinawa, Japan until 2023, we certified and mentored 450+ students and now we continue sharing our passion in Tulum, México.

Philosophy of Safety and Technique:

In response to our observations, we've crafted a unique training philosophy that prioritizes safety, technique, and overall quality over the pursuit of depth alone. Our methodology aims for impeccable results, ensuring that the learning curve is not only steep but also accompanied by positive sensations throughout the entire process.

Proven Success:

Through meticulous training, we've witnessed a remarkable success rate among our students. Many have progressed from the initial struggle of being unable to swim or submerge their faces in water to achieving significant milestones. Some of our proudest moments include guiding students into becoming Freediving Instructors, succesfull -70m competition freedivers, national champions, and record holders.

Transformational Journey:

At Freedive Irabu Mexico, most of our students along the years are from Japan, now we take pride in guiding also students from all corners of the world through a transformative journey, emphasizing skill development, safety, and a love for the underwater world.
It's not just about going deeper; it's about mastering the art of enjoying every meter.


AIDA Instructor Trainer 

Certified Oxygen Provider & First Aid Professional

Proudly sponsored by Double K


Professional Background:

In 2017, my journey into freediving started in Panglao Island, Philippines. I was a seasoned backpacker during my university years and I continued exploring several countries, transitioning into an indefinite world traveler.

I was somewhat indifferent to the underwater world and lacking swimming skills, my perspective changed dramatically amidst the beauty of Miyakojima and Irabujima’s waters in Okinawa. Inspired by friends swimming effortlessly, I dedicated myself to a daily practice of Skindiving.

Eventually I became a Snorkeling guide in Irabujima and in 2018 after years of practice and becoming an AIDA Freediving Instructor, I opened Freedive Irabu which was the biggest AIDA Freediving School in Japan until 2023, when I moved to Tulum.


Discovering Freediving:

Venturing overseas, I discovered freediving as a safer alternative to solo skindiving. Under Sayuri Kinoshita's guidance in 2017 I started Freediving, and eventually I undertook the AIDA freediving Instructor Certification in 2018 with Stefan Randig.
Now I'm based in Tulum where I explore Cenotes, enjoy their beauty and share it with the world. 


Acknowledgments and Commitment:

As part of Freedive Irabu's seasoned instructor team, our gratitude extends to the global freediving community for choosing our expertise. Committed to delivering thorough, individualized training, we take pride in our professional and safety oriented approach.


Global Invitation:

Embark on a breath-holding journey with us, whether in Mexican Cenotes or across international waters.
Our mission is to ensure excellence and enjoyment for all participants.

To those skeptical about their swimming skills, we extend a warm welcome, embracing snorkeling beginners and seasoned freedivers too.



Freediving Coach | Freediving Master and Youth Instructor

Professional Underwater Photographer

Proudly sponsored by Double K



Chronicle of a Diver:

My odyssey commenced at the age of 3 as a martial arts enthusiast in Guanajuato, Mexico. 15 years later, I transformed into a Martial Arts Instructor, a role deeply influenced by a family legacy of professional educators.


Unexpected Turns:

At 21, after university an unforeseen twist led me to become a Commercial Director for a Mexican PreHispanic music studio in Quintana Roo. However, destiny had a different script. In 2015, Freediving entered my life, instantly captivating me. Fueled by this newfound passion, I took a bold leap, bidding farewell to my job and immersing myself entirely in Freediving.


Certification and Global Exploration:

By 2017, I proudly earned my certification as an Instructor. A move to Egypt followed, where my mentors sculpted me into a resourceful and seasoned Freediving coach. In 2019, life smiled once more as I met my wife, Asaki.

Together, we embarked on a Freediving journey in Irabu, a pristine island in the South of Okinawa. For four years, we ran the largest AIDA Freediving School in Japan.


Global Aquatic Adventures:

I've been fortunate to explore waters worldwide, sharing knowledge and capturing moments in countries like Japan, Greece, Egypt, Indonesia, Philippines, and my homeland, México and among my greatest joys is sharing underwater experiences and learning through teaching.

It's been my privilege to guide and coach hundreds of freedivers from diverse corners of the world.

Join us where the wonders of the deep await. As we dive, train, and explore, let's make every moment count.

See you underwater! 🌊

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