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Important Details


When participating in our activities there may be some reasons why you cannot participate even on the day of the course, if the following apply:

- If you make a reservation without reporting your medical conditions, or health problems.

- If you are hangover, overslept, lost a flight or show up late.



Please Note:



・You CAN’T consume alcohol the same day or day before our activities.

・CAN’T Scubadive the day before or same day before our activities.

・Be well rested in good physical condition

・No symptoms of dehydration

・Get enough sleep and be in good physical condition

・Do not eat a big heavy meal or caffeine before the session (light meals 2/3 hours before diving its ok)

・Do not wear make-up or sunscreen if it has heavy chemicals

・For your safety, please avoid booking a return flight on the same day of a deep training session (-45m), the last day of continuous freediving days, the last day of a freediving course or scubadiving. This is to reduce the risk of decompression illness/sickness.

Give your body time to adjust before flying – consider booking your return for the day after your last dive and always stay hydrated.

If this can’t be done, try booking the latest flight in order to rest and stay hydrated for the longest time possible before your flight (ideally 24hrs


If any of the following apply to you we may not be able to make a reservation.


About Booking, Deposits and Cancelation Fees


1. Reservation Form: Once you're ready to book, we'll send you a Reservation Form. Fill it with your details and send it back.


2. Deposit Payment: After receiving the Reservation Form, you'll get a deposit link, can be made through Wise Transfers (for international transactions) or Bank Transfer (within Mexico). Please complete the payment within 3 days to secure your spot.


3. Spot Confirmation: Your spot is 100% secured once we receive the 50% deposit.


4. Remaining Payment: The remaining 50% is paid in cash (Mexican pesos) on the morning of the first day or can be paid two days before the activities through Wise Transfers (for international transactions) or Bank Transfer (within Mexico).


5. Cancellation Fees:

  • 30 days or before the scheduled date: 30% of the total price of the booked activity may be refunded.

  • 29 to 15 days before: 20% of the total price of the booked activity may be refunded,

  • 14 days to 0 days before: No refund.

If there are fees associated with transferring a deposit back, these fees will be subtracted from the total refund amount*

6. *AIDA Freediving Courses:* Refunds are only applicable if the cancellation occurs at least 30 days before the start of the course.

  • 30 days or before the scheduled date: 30% of the total price of the course may be refunded.


Health check items (18-50 years old participants):


・If you have a chronic disease

・Continuous drug use or therapy

・Mental and Psychological disorders

・Mental illness, Emotional Instability

・Nervous system diseases

・Stroke History

・Heart Disease

・Ear chronic pain or surgery history 

・Lung and respiratory diseases (like ASTHMA)

  - Arrhythmia

・Epileptic seizures and convulsions

・Panic attack history

・Sinus diseases

・Eye diseases

・Diabetes, high blood sugar levels

・Past diving accidents (decompression sickness, blackout experience, squeeze)


・High blood pressure

- Your doctor has recommended you to stop exercising.

- Difficulty doing moderate exercise (Walk 2 km, swim 200m without stopping)

- Had surgery within the past year

· Hernia


For those aged 45-50 please let us know in case of:


- High Cholesterol levels

- Currently smoking or using nicotine

- Heart disease, arrhythmia, or coronary artery disease in the family

- Have a family history of cardiomyopathy

- You have not had a health checkup for over a year

- During a health checkup, there are inspection items for follow-up observation or re-examination.




About Freedive Irabu Mexico courses and Training


Our courses and training are available to all participants.

We focus on basic techniques and freediving foundation so that you and the diveshop can operate safely and securely.

- Training depths are set under the instructor’s approval and review.

- We may restrain you to go deeper if we feel it’s unsafe for you, if we believe you’re ready to dive deeper we will happily provide depth for you.

- If you have squeeze/BO hisroty, please understand if we restrict certain depth limits or techniques.

- Our Instructors will always do their best to support you, your goals and keep you safe.

- We ask for your cooperation in managing your own health and safety.


All of our courses are aimed at people aged 18-50.



About the start time of the Day

- We must always be on time (not even 10-15 minutes late) since there are other members participating.

- Start time and schedule may vary depending on the conditions, rain or unprecedented situations.

- Plan may change suddenly. In this case, we would move to another diving spot.

- If there is a time that is not convenient for you, please let us know when making a reservation.


Equipment Rental Fees

If you need to rent equipment, please let us know in advance what equipment you need.


Equipment needed:

- Freediving Mask (low volume, without reflective screen)

- Freediving fins or short silicon fins

- Wetsuit (3-5mm recommended) Cenote average Temperature is 23°C 

- Rubber or silicone Weightbelt

- Snorkel tube (without filter)

- Weights (we provide those without extra cost)


Average price per day $300 mxn


*Message us is you believe you have equipment that you may use, we can recommend you what to bring or not to bring.
In case you need to rent equipment, please send us your height, weight, gender and foot size.

*If you loose or break rented equipment (misuse) there will be a replacement fee to be covered.

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