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Mastering Technique

Advanced Freediver Course

24 - 30 meters


$8,900 MXN


4 full days

Embarking on the AIDA 3 Advanced Freediver Course (4 full-day course), you'll elevate your freediving progress to new depths. This phase transcends the fundamentals, guiding you through advanced training techniques that propel your skills beyond the basics. Understanding warm-ups, co2 training, advanced physiology and enter there world of Free-falling.

With a resourceful and safety-focused approach, you'll methodically enhance your capabilities as a Freediver advancing your freediving skills to the next level enabling you to confidently explore depths ranging from 20 to 30 meters.



Theory Knowledge to learn:


  • Understand and set your buoyancy, and be welcomed to the art of Freefalling.

  • Explore and understand interesting details of Freediving physiology.

  • Uncover the secrets of the Mammalian Dive Response.

  • Understand and begin Mastering the Frenzel equalization technique.

  • Embrace the concept of utilizing CO2 tables to enhance CO2 tolerance.

  • Become a more safety-minded buddy and upgrade your safety skills.

  • Explore pulmonary physiology and the prevention of barotrauma.


Physical Skills to learn:



  • Be introduced to the art of Freefalling. (And how to Master it)

  • Review your basic freediving skills, focusing on duckdiving and finning techniques.

  • Engage in lung stretching sessions and relaxation techniques tailored for deeper freediving.

  • Master the Frenzel equalization method and understand the benefits of free falling, such as heightened relaxation.

  • Understand and prepare better for Static and Dynamic training sessions.

  • Participate in rescue scenarios at various depths and surfaces, including Blackout situations and emergency exit procedures.




  • STA 2:45

  • DYNB: 55M Horizontal Swim

  • CWTB depth requirement: 24 m (With good Freefall technique), Maximum 30m.

  • 15m Blackout/LMC rescue, 50m surface tow and Pool Blackout/LMC rescues and correct buddy procedures

  • Co2 Table design and completion

  • Successful Completion of the AIDA 3 online Exam


Prerequisites to be able to join the course:


  • Be healthy 20 - 50 years old 

  • Be able to swim at least 200m

  • Be able to walk long distances and high elevations (2km)

  • Health Check review

  • Have succesfully passed and AIDA 2 course or equivalent

  • Be able to freedive comfortably around 20 meters

We recommend joining a Freediving training session before the course with us, to assess your skills and guide you in the best direction*



* Please contact us if there are any applicable cases


・ Infected with the new coronavirus in the past, in the case of severe / moderate illness

・ Within one week after vaccination

・ Continuous drug or medication use

・ Mental and psychological disorders

・ Nervous system disease

・ Cardiac disease or problem history

・ Lung and respiratory diseases such as asthma

・ Diseases or problems with the sinuses

・ Eye diseases

  · Diabetes

・ Past diving accidents (Decompression sickness, severe BO, squeeze)
・ Pregnancy

・ High blood pressure

・ Please inform us about any previous surgeries

・ Your doctor has asked you to not exercise or join physically demanding activities 



・ If you are 45 -50 y/o  Please inform us in case of:


  • High cholesterol

  • High blood pressure

  • If you smoke can’t join the course

  • If genetic heart conditions run in your family 



Important details:


・ Lack of sleep or physical fatigue

・ No alcohol drinking the day before

・ No Scuba diving the day before

・ Check for Body temperature 37.5 degrees or higher

・ People infected with the new coronavirus or if there is contact with a close contact

・ Sore throat, cough, stuffy nose, cold symptoms such as headache

・ Numbness and dizziness in limbs

・ Dehydration

・ We do not offer anti-sickness pills


- If you are worried about seasickness, please bring your own seasickness pills. 
- Please get enough sleep and participate in good physical condition.

For your safety, please avoid booking a return flight on the same day of a deep training session (-45m), the last day of continuous freediving days, the last day of a freediving course or scubadiving. This is to reduce the risk of decompression illness/sickness.

Give your body time to adjust before flying – consider booking your return for the day after your last dive and always stay hydrated. If this can’t be done, try booking the latest flight in order to rest and stay hydrated for the longest time possible before your flight (ideally 24hrs)

AIDA 3 Freediving Course (4 full-day course)

Price per person: $8,900 mxn

A deposit of $4,000 mxn is required to reserve your participation in the course and set the date. (The deposit counts towards the final payment, you would only have to pay the rest of the course in the morning on the day of the course before starting).



Before going to the water:

  • A deposit is needed to book your spot on the course, after you book you will receive the AIDA 3 Manual (PDF) via email , please read and study prior to the theory session.

    Theory Session details:


  • Theory sessions be conducted in person, the mornings before open water sessions.

  • What you need to prepare for the theory session:

  • Drinking water

  • COURSE PDF Manual or download it to your phone

  • Pen + Notebook


Theory Session Content:

  • Freediving advanced Physiology

  • Lung Volumes

  • Understanding Depth and Pressure (Dalton’s, Boyle’s Law)

  • Freediving disciplines and Freefall technique.

  • Buddy & Safety procedures

  • Frenzel equalization workshop (please practice daily after this online workshop)


Practical in-person sessions:


  • Breath holding sessions, to learn breathing and relaxation techniques

  • Understanding warm ups and freediving training in a more advanced way

  • Co2 Dynamic apnea session (confined water)

  • Dynamic apnea session: horizontal underwater swimming, to learn how to move efficiently in water.

  • Static Apnea session: breath/holding in confined water and buddy procedures

  • Open Water freediving sessions: Vertical diving techniques including buddy & rescue procedures

  • Practical sessions focused on getting to know yourself and how to train with a buddy.

  • Frenzel Equalization review (review progress from the online theory workshop)



Equipment needed:

  • Mask

  • Snorkel 

  • Fins * Please use short fins instead of long fins if you are not fully comfortable at equalizing your ears yet or if you are a beginner skin diver.

  • Wetsuit (3/5mm recommended)

  • Weightbelt (we can provide weights)

Equipment rental is available, it is NOT included in the course*

*If you have your own scuba or freediving equipment, send us a message with photos of your equipment to guide you if you can use it in the course and avoid renting equipment.


Average rental price: $300 mxn per day

Our AIDA 3 Freediving Course Includes:



  • All of our courses are held by AIDA Master Instructors with International experience and hundreds of certified students (400) and the highest safety standards.

  • AIDA International Certification* (if requirements were met successfully)

  • GoPro Photo/Videos

  • 2 Theory sessions around (3 hours each)

  • Stretching sessions before going to the water

  • 4 Open Water sessions at Cenote (around 2 hours each)

  • 2 Confined Water Sessions

  • Transportation to Cenote from Meeting point and back

  • Entrance fee to Cenotes and Pool fees


Does not include:


  • Equipment rental

  • Flights

  • Lodging

  • Pickups in Playa del Carmen or Cancun (meeting point to be determined, we will meet there and drive from this point and come back to the same point at the end)

  • Everything not specified

  • Pool fees


About Booking, Deposits and Cancelation Fees


1. Reservation Form: Once you're ready to book, we'll send you a Reservation Form. Fill it with your details and send it back.


2. Deposit Payment: After receiving the Reservation Form, you'll get a deposit link, can be made through Wise Transfers (for international transactions) or Bank Transfer (within Mexico). Please complete the payment within 3 days to secure your spot.


3. Spot Confirmation: Your spot is 100% secured once we successfully receive the deposit.


4. Remaining PaymentThe remaining payment is paid in cash (Mexican pesos) on the morning of the first day or can be paid ten days before the activities through Wise App or Bank Transfer (for international transactions) or Wire Bank Transfer (within Mexico).


5. Cancellation Fees:

  • 30 days or before the scheduled date: 30% of the total price of the booked activity may be refunded.

  • 29 to 15 days before: 20% of the total price of the booked activity may be refunded,

  • 14 days to 0 days before: No refund.

If there are fees associated with transferring a deposit back, these fees will be subtracted from the total refund amount*

6. *AIDA Freediving Courses:* Refunds are only applicable if the cancellation occurs at least 30 days before the start of the course.

  • 30 days or before the scheduled date: 30% of the total price of the course may be refunded.

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